What Kind of Music Do You Play To This Artwork? PART IV

This is the fourth and final part of a blog about my August 11 performance for the ABSTRACTIONS exhibit at the Perkins Center for the Arts.

Artist Keith R. Breitfeller's colorful pieces seemed to "pop" out of the concrete/muted colors of the gallery. My improvisation on soprano saxophone makes use of a technique called slap tongue, which results from the release of suction in the mouth and the popping sound that the reed then produces which is then amplified as it travels through the horn.

Thank you to everyone who has listened and commented on FACEBOOK or via email. I really appreciate your participation in this musical dialogue; as an artist I find it invaluable to hear what you all have to say and what emotionally resonates with you. My next project will break new ground thanks, in no small way, to your help.
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