I'm thrilled to have been involved in a new series by Julian Fellowes, the creator of Downton Abbey, filmed in Newport (Rhode Island), Manhattan, Lyndhurst, Troy (New York), airs January 24, 2022, on HBO.


Literature meets music in Edith Wharton's The Age of Innocence. I discuss and curate music for every classical composer or piece of music she describes in her novel except one - anyone out there a big enough fan to know which?

My good friend Mark Stickney asked me to write something for his awesome website Historic Music of Newport, Rhode Island and I was delighted to talk about a piece of literature that has withstood the test of time so well.





I am also happy to announce that on May 17, 2021 I started as Dean of the School of Music at SUNY Schenectady; I am excited to work at an institution with a long history of excellent music education.


The Metropolitan Opera, Staatsburgh State Historic Site, and the Saxophone - how are they connected?

Although my talk and performance have been postponed you can read all about the fascinating connections in this blogpost. A special thank you to Maria Reynolds and Pam Malcolm for helping craft this post. Click on the image of the dining room below where we will be performing to read!

Preliminary research for a new “Music of the Gilded Age,” lecture, performance and documentary at Staatsburgh State Historic Site's Mills Mansion is ready to go as soon as the pandemic is over. Sadly, my March 22, 2020 Gilded Age Tea & Talk and April 26, 2020 performance have been postponed but will be rescheduled as soon as possible. Visit my YouTube channel to watch excerpts from previous documentaries! 

Here's an article from the October 2019 of WAG Magazine that does a wonderful job of talking about the past and future of my project "Music of the Gilded Age." 
HUDSON VALLEY MAGAZINE also ran an article that talks about my project. 
I am excited to be teaching saxophone at Vassar College as an "Adjunct Artist." 
PATREON page for "Dr. B Music Theory" is 'live.'
Support me in making new music theory tutorial videos by automatically giving money at the beginning of every month. This is a great way to learn a lot about music theory to help you as a composer, be a better performer, or just appreciate music on a deeper level. Here is the video you can see on my PATREON page when you visit:
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The Crawford House
189 Montgomery St, Newburgh, NY 12550

Saturday, May 12, 2018 – 2 p.m. - Music For Mother’s Day
A selection of 19th century music by Christopher Brellochs (saxophone), Cynthia Peterson (piano) and Elizabeth Gerbi (soprano) perform the finest music from Paris, London, and America by composers like Gilbert & Sullivan, Jerome Kern, and Newburgh, New York’s own Ulysses J. Alsdorf.
Here are some pictures from summer 2015 in Paris, Strasbourg and London:
Concert at Selmer House
Many thanks to Nicolas Prost for setting everything up and Florent Milhaud from Selmer for being a great host!

Master-class and Concert "SAXOPHONE AMERICAN DAY" at Conservatoire Saint-Maur
Saxophone virtuoso, historian and teacher Nicholas Prost does a great job at the prestigious French music conservatory at Saint-Maur. It was an honor to hear his students, speak and perform with them.

Lecture/discussion at Vandoren House

My heartfelt appreciation to Jean-Marie Paul at Vandoren for hosting this event! Branford Marsalis was there that afternoon and I had a chance to chat and invited him to my concert the next day (he came with his whole family).


It was inspiring to perform in this 16th century gothic cathedral in the tourist district of Paris where the great composer Camille Saint-Saens performed! The above is before the July 4 concert with (left to right) Carl-Emmanuel Fisbach, Anne Lecapelain, Nicholas Prost, yours truly, Yves-Laurent Taccola and Jerome Laran.
World Saxophone Congress & Festival

A great collaboration with Benjamin Mayer (clarinet), Clément De Martino (trumpet) and Marie Stoecklé (piano) for our performance of "Quiet City", and so many amazing saxophone performances over the six day conference in beautiful Strasbourg, FRANCE!

French-American Musical Exchange
A spirit of cultural exchange brought French saxophonists Nicolas Prost and Anne Lecapelain to the United States for a collaboration with American saxophonist Christopher Brellochs, pianist Cynthia Peterson and soprano Elizabeth Gerbi featuring French composers Debussy, Ibert, and Milhaud. This French-American musical exchange continues in the summer as Christopher and Elizabeth travel to France to partner with Nicolas and Anne. See more pictures in PHOTOS.
THE QUIET CITY CHAMBER ENSEMBLE recently added two rags by Scott Joplin to their repertoire; here are videos from a recent performance:
National Public Radio: Weekend Edition examined my new recording of QUIET CITY in an interview that aired November 12, 2011. With an average listening audience of 3.5 million I was excited to have so many people hear this wonderful music! You can read about and hear it by clicking below:

Below is an interview with Fred Child on PERFORMANCE TODAY, the most-listened-to classical music radio show in America with 1.3 million listeners weekly! To listen, you can go HERE or type "Copland Revisited" in the search bar. 
"Brellochs, a suave and elegant player, shares duties with another top-notch saxophonist, Paul Cohen, and peers who bring buoyant and atmospheric vibrancy to welcome repertoire." - Donald Rosenberg, Gramophone (Awards 2011)

"A Hint of Eroticism in the City", is the title of an article in DER SPIEGEL Online about my latest CD. SPIEGEL is a German news magazine and one of Europe's largest publications of its kind, with a weekly circulation of more than one million! They are similar to TIME magazine.
Last updated November 22, 2021.



Boosey News October 2013 mentions my music and provides links to my CD! CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE WEBSITE

"QUIET CITY" is recommended under new recordings in the October 2011 eNewsletter.


Sheet music for Aaron Copland's "QUIET CITY" (restored chamber version), concert adaptation by Christopher Brellochs, is available.