Dr. B Music Theory YouTube Channel

My new YouTube channel icon and banner have just been finalized!
Dr. B YouTube channel icon/logo
I made up the icon logo when I was an undergraduate student to sign my compositions; I forgot about it for many years but decided it was time to unveil it to the world.
YouTube Banner
The banner has a number of elements that tie into my teaching music theory at a college: 1) The background is a chalkboard, 2) "Dr. B" is in a collegiate font, 3) the ampersand is very close to a treble clef.
Please subscribe and share my YouTube channel with anyone interested in music theory; there are 47 videos, each indexed by topic. It has felt great to see how useful people have found them.
Many thanks to http://www.rachaelcolmandesigns.com.
"Dr. B Music Theory" series of 47 videos is on YouTube. Perfect for high school students taking A.P. Music Theory, first year music majors, and anyone who wants to understand how to compose and arrange.

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